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Life's Sweet Surprises

Sima Tamaddon

Sima Tamaddon and hubby

I’m sure you have heard the saying,“hit the ground running.” That is exactly what I have been doing the last few months. I met my husband--that’s right, husband--a short while back, when we went for a runin the woods. It was a fix-up by a mutual friend, and she had no idea how successful it would be. We had an amazing run, chatting about everything from our daughters, to our future hopes, to simple pleasures like our mutual addiction to popcorn. Before long, we fell in love, talked about marriage, and (unbeknownst to us) actually created a tiny, new life. Once we discovered our growing gift, we told our family, closest friends, and co-workers.

We got married. No, not because we were pregnant, but because we were in love. Out of sequence? Maybe. But we couldn’t be happier with our sweet, topsy-turvy, beautiful, beloved life.

Of course, I wouldn’t be telling the whole truth if I didn’t divulge our first conversation, in which he asked, “Do you want more kids?” I said emphatically, “No. Definitely not.” But life is funny. My certainty eventually softened, and every day I spent by Santana’s side changed my emphatic “no” into a distant memory. Each time I heard him speak, each time he held my hand, each time we were together, my heart opened to the idea of creating life with him. He is my love. And our family is just as it was meant to be.

You might wonder why I would write about such intimate life details. It is not only to explain my expanding belly and new baby, but also to express how blessed and grateful I feel. Also, I want to quiet any concerns about our well-being. Our marriage is strengthened by our beginnings. We walked down the aisle in love, and plan to walk through our lives the same way: Hand in hand. Side by side. Ready for all of life’s sweet surprises.