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Give Presence

Sima Tamaddon

As of lately I have circled back to the state of new-mom exhaustion and the constant juggling of motherhood. I am loving every single new thing Harley does from her sitting up on her own, scooting backwards, sticking out her tongue, finding different tones which range from cute coos to shrill exuberant shrieks of excitement to my least favorite, skipping naps. I like to believe she is skipping naps because she is so involved in her outside world she struggles closing her eyes, early onset of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is my mom diagnosis.

Anyhow, there are moments when I see her look at me pull out my phone and she looks at me with these eyes of 'Pay attention to me Mommy' and I realize that she doesn't care if I know what is going on the world, or if I am caught up on everyone's Insta feed, or FB. She cares that I am with her, really with her and fully engaged.

All I have to do is look her in the eyes and laugh, and she laughs. 

'Thank you, God, for this precious gift' is what runs through my mind EVERY SINGLE time she smiles.

And it is not just Harley. It is very similar with Lila. She wants my attention, still, at almost 10. She wants to have conversations with me and engage. No iPad, no iPhone, no other apps. Just mommy and Lila time. 

So as we move towards Black Friday with the constant pressures of sales and shopping, maybea date with no phone, no computer, no distractions would be the BEST GIFT EVER.

And if that is not possible due to distance or if shopping is your thing, I highly recommend purchasing from a B corporation. If you don't know what a B corporation is, it is a company that uses business to be meaningful and with purpose beyond the bottom line for the world. Think environment, think hiring practices, think safety of products, these are the companies we look to for the future of change and innovation.

Some of my favorite CERTIFIED B corps are: 

1. Patagonia. Check out how the maternity/paternity leave policy here. Not to mention the clothing is built to last! I still have a jacket I bought in college. YES, it is expensive but watch the maternity/paternity leave policy, again.

2. Etsy. Seriously. I have bought some of my favorite stuff and all from small (mostly LOCAL) business owners. LOVE ETSY!!

3. Beautycounter.  This is a company on a mission to change the marketplace, educate consumers on safer products, and make sure that we catch up to EU standards. Watch this video to hear my own story of Why Beautycounter, make it to the minute mark for a truly funny moment.

Have I missed some other fab idea for having a present moment? Or is there a company that should have made the list? Please let me know!