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Summer Ending Survival Kit


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Summer Ending Survival Kit

Sima Tamaddon

Summer is almost over which means earlier mornings, lunches to make, schedules to keep up with, and saying goodbye to lazier days with later nights. 

But I do have a 'survival kit' to help with summer ending that I wanted to share:

1. Coffee. Good strong, dark coffee. The smell, even the smell of coffee can make my mornings so much better! I have learned that not every cup of coffee is created equally. It comes down to how it was made and the quality of the bean. Funny enough we lost our ability to make coffee at home this summer first because our fancy 12-cup drip coffee maker broke. Just stopped brewing coffee. Then I switched to using our french press.  Sadly, I broke the french press by using finely ground coffee. (One should only use coarsely ground coffee beans in a french press). Truth be told I was partially lazy, because that's right I had a baby! And extra steps are hard.  I'm not complaining I am just momsplaining here. So the decision had to be made; french press or coffee pot... and I went with pour over. Yup, we decided to try something new but stick to my favorite beans from Swings.

2. The game face. Under eye cream. Mascara. Lip Gloss. That's my whole make-up routine. If I had more time I would probably do more but I feel like this gets the job done and done fast. I switched most of my health/beauty products over to Beautycounter. One because I fell in love with their products and second because their mission to provide safer, less toxic products into everyones hands by lobbying for new laws. While the products aren't 100% all natural they promise that over 1400 toxic ingredients (banned from the E.U.) will never be used.

3. A good book. For me that means a book that is not made of cardboard and only four-pages long. I know it is hard to fit in reading time but man how great it is to escape and read a book. My fall fiction pick is Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng and if you are looking for a great non-fiction read I highly recommend Brene Brown's Rising Strong.  I read this book last year but I plan to re-visit it. 

4. Goals. Set some goals. I know that every year since getting clear during my goal coaching sessions with Jacki Carr that I re-visit them. If you have never formally done any goal coaching I highly recommend it with Jacki. She lights a fire in your soul and gets you really connected to what is important in YOUR LIFE!! (Psst. Goal setting is not just for New Year's, stay connected daily!)

5. A new toothbrush. Because you need to rotate that out on the reg!!

All of these things are in no particular order except the coffee. Coffee first.