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Strength and Healing Services

We offer services in 2 different categories in addition to our weekly yoga classes: Thai Massage Therapy, and Private Yoga Sessions. All of our services focus on balance and strength and are great for healing.

Working with Sima and Rx’d Yoga has been the beginning of correcting issues that will allow greater range of motion and proper strength building.
— Sonja L


Thai Massage Therapy

Imagine doing yoga without much effort, enter thai massage therapy. What is it? In short, it is assisted stretches with hands on touch that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. 


Private Yoga Sessions

Private sessions are ideal for someone that wants extra attention outside of a group setting, perhaps with a focus on a certain pose. One- on-one sessions are also great for someone who has a busy schedule and prefers someone to come straight to their door. 


Weekly Yoga Class Schedule @ Down Dog Yoga

Wondering why everyone says yoga isn't easy? Well neither is life; however, this class will lead you ready to conquer your yoga practice and life off the mat. Still questioning, just show up and let the experience move you.

See the schedule here